How To Apply

How to Apply – No longer accepting applications

All Water, Climate, and Health (WCH) IGERT students must be enrolled in degree-granting programs in our participating departments. If you are interested in becoming a WCH IGERT Fellow at Johns Hopkins University or Howard University, apply to these departments and indicate your interest in the WCH IGERT program in your application essay.

First and second year PhD students enrolled in a program in a participating department are also eligible for IGERT fellowships. Contact your advisor or one of our participating faculty if you are interested in becoming a WCH IGERT fellow.


The WCH IGERT program is looking for top-level students that can become future leaders at the nexus of water, climate, and health. IGERT students must engage in dissertation that falls within one of our key areas of research:

The influence of climate on health and on food security
The transport of, exposure to, and health impact of contaminants and pathogens
Advanced water treatment
Infrastructure, environmental systems, and policy analysis
Estuarine water quality at the watershed level and intersections with climate

Johns Hopkins University and Howard University are committed to fostering a diverse student body; women and minority candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible for NSF IGERT financial support.

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